press quotes for 'for and against nature'

'generates humour and tenderness in equal measure' Other Poetry 2000

'an intensely wrought and serious work' Tilla Brading PQR 2000

'the style is distinctive and the images are colourful, unusual and often mysterious' Alexis Lykiard

'he is as much about modernism as artifice, and it is where he excels' Sam Smith The Journal 2001

'the poetry is an exciting, unpredictable fusion' ibid

'combines mythological sensibility with striking visual effects' Ann Born

'brilliant imagery which creates a baroque kind of strength' Derrick Buttress Links 2001

'a beautifully judged balance of abstract idea and visual images' ibid

'done so confidently, with such conviction and such brio, that we are carried along with it' ibid